Belton Practical Shooting - Night Match!

  • 06 Oct 2023
  • 6:30 PM

Ryan Flowers is the Match Director

Match is held in the Competition Bays

Match Fee $15

Belton Practical Shooting

Belton Practical Shooting is a new take on shooting sports that inexperienced shooters will enjoy, and experienced competitors will be challenged by. It is pure practical shooting, balancing speed and accuracy in approximations of practical settings.

THIS IS AN OUTLAW MATCH. We are not affiliated with any larger sport sanctioning body, and we utilize our own ruleset. That said, our rules will mostly be familiar to USPSA, IDPA, and multigun competitors. See the rulebook document for details. THIS IS NOT A LOW-LIGHT MATCH. As the evening light fades, we will make use of lights to illuminate the range. Potentially varying light conditions are NOT considered a valid reason to claim unfair advantage or disadvantage, the same as with varying weather over a multi-day match. Our lights illuminate the range quite well anyway.

Bring a flashlight just in case you need one after dark in areas that may not be so well-lit.

The match will consist of 3-4 stages, total round count will not exceed 120 rounds. Both paper and steel targets will be used. Points per second/hit factor scoring will be utilized.

Divisions are simple. The 4 centerfire handgun divisions are Open, Limited, Tactical, and Stock. Open has practically no restrictions. Limited is for iron sight pistols with a certain range of modifications allowed. Tactical is for the slide-mounted optic handguns that are so popular among competitors and tactical shooters alike. And Stock is for the off-the-shelf handgun that a competitor may have just picked up from their local gun store.

We also allow Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC) with effectively no restrictions.  Unique to BPS are the rimfire divisions, both for rifle and pistol.

See the rulebook for official descriptions of division requirements.

Please read the rulebook before attending. We are our own, unique match and it really helps if you have an idea what the rules are before you shoot.

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We look forward to seeing you on the range!

Belton Gun Club, Inc. - 153 Range Road, PO Box 126 - Belton, SC 29627

For information call (864)318-4383 or email by following this link: Club Secretary

Supper Meetings and CWP registrations call (864) 369-6767


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