*2024* Belton Gun Club 3-Position Smallbore Rifle Matches


2024 BGC Metric Position.pdf

MATCH DIRECTOR: Robert Gibson 864-201-1664 bobgibson308@gmail.com

DATES: 03FEB, 02MAR, 06APR, 04MAY, 01JUN, 06JUL, 03AUG, 07SEP, 05OCT 02NOV, 07DEC

Times: Gate will be open by 0730 hours. Sign in, pick up targets, get squadded, sort your


Sighters and live fire will begin approximately 0900 hours.

MATCH: NRA Approved 3 Position Smallbore, 3x40 shots, 50 ft. OUTDOOR;  PAPER TARGETS.

Rule book can be downloaded @



BGC requires all Shooters and Spectators to wear Hearing and Eye Protection

while on Belton Gun Club property except while in a building or in a vehicle!

Empty Chamber Indicators are required in rifles while they are out of the case

except during Prep period and record fire!

ENTRIES: Pre-registration is recommended because we only have 10 firing points.

SR-1 Card must be completed, and I can send you one ahead of time if you

request. If there are still firing points available you may register the morning of the


ENTRY FEE: $15.00 

RIFLES: Any/iron; In accordance with current NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules.

AMMUNITION: .22 rimfire ammunition. Competitors must provide their own ammunition. Unsafe

firearms or ammunition will be disallowed. No tracer ammunition allowed.

SQUADDING: Firing points will be squadded as shooters register.

Course of Fire: 50 ft. Outdoors, NRA/USA-50 Target

 0915 hours: 3-miinute preparation period begins.

 At the end of the prep period

 Match 1: Unlimited sighters and 40 shots Kneeling, 20 shots/30 minutes each of 2 stages

 Target change and 3-minute prep between stages

 20-minute changeover, then 3-minute prep per

 Match 2: Unlimited sighters and 40 shots Prone, 20 shots/20 minutes each of 2 stages

 Target change and 3-minute prep between stages

20-minute changeover, then 3-minute prep period

 Match 3: Unlimited sighters and 40 shots Standing, 20 shots/40 minutes each of 2 stages

 Match 4: Grand Aggregate, Total of matches #1-3

Belton Gun Club, Inc. - 153 Range Road, PO Box 126 - Belton, SC 29627

For information call (864) 318-4383 or email by following this link: Club Secretary 

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