2016 SC SASS State Championship

On behalf of the Belton Bushwhackers, we cordially invite you to come join us April 29-30. Belton Gun club will be hosting the 2016 SASS South Carolina State Cowboy Action Championships. If you haven’t visited one of our monthly matches this is a step back into “The Old West” All competitors will be dressed in period correct attire and using period correct firearms. There will be ten stages of shooting, 5 on Friday and 5 on Saturday.


Clark’s Bullets by Scarlett

All sizes and types of lead bullets

Hamilton Dry Goods

Period correct clothing and dry goods

Bullet Splat Jewelry

Handmade jewelry made from “Bullet Splats”

Page Custom Knives

Custom Made knives and period hats

True Grits Chuck Wagon

Serving breakfast and lunch off the fire. Bill White runs an authentic chuck wagon for Tips. He will serve breakfast and lunch with all proceeds going to the Easy Does It Ranch. The Easy Does it Ranch is a camp in Wilmington, NC that helps teenagers that have drug addicts and alcoholics for parents.


Shooting will be on Friday and Saturday from 8:00-4:00

There will be a Steak dinner at Double J Ranch (429 Lockaby Road, Pendleton, SC) that will be open to the public. While at the ranch we will be having exhibitions that showcase different sports within the cowboy realm of today. Reining, Mounted Cowboy Action Shooting, Bullwhipping, Barrel Racing and Mounted Golf Cart Shooting. The events will start at 5:30 p.m with a cost of $15. You must pre-register if you would like to attend.

If you have any questions about the event, or would like to pre-register, please contact Alan Meyer at 864-760-9366 or aawmeyer@gmail.com.

Reminder: Multiplex bays 2-7 will be closed from April 28th until May 1st for this event. 

Belton Gun Club, Inc. - 153 Range Road, PO Box 126 - Belton, SC 29627

For information call (864)318-4383 or email by following this link: Club Secretary

Supper Meetings and CWP registrations call (864) 369-6767


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