Belton Gun Club is continuing to provide First Aid Training to our Members.  

At this time we are focused on hosting Stop The Bleed classes since they are not readily available.  Below you will see American Red Cross links to take AED, CPR and First Aid Classes

Stop The Bleed

Belton Gun Club is proud to partner with two of our members to provide the lowest cost Stop The Bleed class in the area.  Bob Gibson is a Belton Gun Club member, certified Stop The Bleed instructor and retired Greenville County Sheriff Officer.  Blake Makison is a Belton Gun Club member and owner of Center Shot Specialties (Archery) in Anderson.

Bob is giving the class on 2 dates at NO COST to the membership.  Blake is suppling the North American Rescue Products for the class at his cost!

Due to Bob and Blakes involvement you will not get the chance to take another Stop The Bleed class and have the kit that you were trained on for this price!


Sunday April 30th 10am to 1pm - Full

Sunday April 30th 2pm to 5pm - Full

Saturday May 6th 10am to 1pm - Full

Saturday May 6th 2pm to 5pm - Full

Saturday May 13th 1pm to 5pm - Full

Saturday May 27th 1pm to 5pm - Full

If the links do not work go to the Events page and Register on that Date

Stop The Bleed Materials

In Order to take the class you will need to purchase one of the Intermediate Bleeding Control Kits.

You can purchase an additional Tourniquet however it is not required.

Online Store

Blake at Center Shot Specialties is offering North American Rescue at his cost for a limited time only to anyone that is taking these classes or has taken a Stop The Bleed class in the past.  He wants to ensure that every Belton Gun Club member is properly equipped to handle an emergency if the need arises.  He is a firm believer in that you must have the knowledge to use these materials correctly.

You may purchase an item here and when it comes in you will be notified and can pick it up at his store at Center Shot Specialties 

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